contract services

The PBA provides a team of highly seasoned professionals to represent your interests at the collective bargaining table. Our negotiators have vast experience and expertise in every aspect of labor agreements, from pay comparisons to pension benefits, and we use this expertise to win you the best benefits package possible.

Do you want the PBA to bargain for you? All you have to do is follow these 5 steps…

Step 1 – “Showing of Interest by you and your fellow officers”
At least 30% of the officers at your agency must sign “authorization for representation” forms, commonly called “Blue Cards,” asking the Public Employees Relations Commission (PERC), the governing body for collective bargaining, to hold an election.

Step 2 – PBA files a “Representation-Certification Petition”
Once a sufficient number of Blue Cards have been collected, PBA attorneys file a petition with PERC requesting an election. PERC verifies the signatures on the Blue Cards and moves the process forward to election day.

Step 3 – “Secret Ballot Election”
Elections come in two forms: 1) on-site; 2) mail ballot. Either way the election is conducted in a confidential manner with PERC officials performing the ballot counts.

Step 4 – “Who wins?”
The winner is decided from the tally of the ballots cast and the organization with at least 50% plus one of the votes is the winner.

Step 5 – “Negotiations start”
After the winner is certified, officially 15 days after the election, a PBA team consisting of officers from your agency, a PBA attorney and another PBA negotiator schedule meetings with management to begin the process of writing a professional contract that improves your pay, benefits and other workplace conditions.


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