Capitol Report March 19, 2021

The third week of session is over with only 6 weeks left. The state budget will start to take shape during the next couple of weeks. Right now, we can only speculate on what each chamber will prioritize in their respective budget proposals. The budget proposals are where we begin to understand the Legislature’s priorities for staffing decisions, pay raises, and other funding items. This is the Legislature only constitutionally required task during the 60 day session.

Of note, the Governor proposed a $1,000 bonus for first responders as a “Thank You” for your COVID-19 response. If you were on his list, that’s great because you certainly deserve it, but if you weren’t on the list please do not get upset. The Governor can make the request, but the Legislature appropriates how this money will be spent and who ultimately receives the money. We have 6 weeks to see how this spending item plays out.

We are waiting for all of the FRS studies to be returned from the state contracted actuary. Until these studies come back, we are in a holding pattern on any movement with FRS legislation.

If you haven’t done so please watch my interview on police reform with nationally renowned author Ron Delord.

May God bless you and your family.

Until next week.

Matt Puckett
Executive Director

Watch Author Ron Delord Discuss Police Reform
with Matt Puckett, PBA Executive Director