Executive Committee

John Kazanjian


William Smith

Vice President for Leg. Affairs and Charity

Mick McHale

Senior Vice President

John Rivera

Treasurer/President Emeritus

James Baiardi

Vice President for Services

Nick Marolda



Vice President for Charters

Steadman Stahl


Steve Slade

Vice President for Chapters

Board of Directors

Richard Murphy

Big Bend Chapter

William Smith


John Kazanjian

Palm Beach

Jonathan Vazquez

Sun Coast

Rodney Skirvin

Broward County

Matthew Sellers

Gulf Coast

Steadman Stahl

South Florida PBA

Darla Portman

Tampa PBA

Steve Slade

Central Florida

Javier Vides

Leon County SO

Mick McHale

Southwest Florida

Nick Marolda

West Central Florida

Marlon Buggs

Coastal Florida

Jody Branaman

North Central

James Baiardi

State Corrections

Tammy Marcus

Corr. Probation

James Newton

Northwest Florida

Scott Hoffman

State Law Enf.

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Florida Police Benevolent Association membership is open to all certified law enforcement and corrections officers regardless of race, creed, sex or national origin. The Association is made up of semi-autonomous charters formed on a county-wide or regional basis, and local or statewide chapters.