Correctional Probation Officers

Correctional Probation Officers

The Correctional Probation Officer Chapter currently has 654 active members.  Our Chapter represents approximately 2000 Probation officers statewide who are employed by the Florida Department of Corrections. The Probation Officer Chapter recently came out of trustee status and newly elected officers assumed their positions effective June 1.  Our Probation Officer Chapter successfully secured a pay raise for our members during the last legislative session, and we hope to continue to educate the law makers and the citizens of Florida just how critical our role is in the Criminal Justice system.

Tammy Marcus – CPO President

State Contract:
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Mailing Address:
300 East Brevard Street
Tallahassee Florida, 32301

Local: (850) 222-3329
Toll-Free: 1-800-733-3722
Fax: (850) 561-8336

Membership Administrator:
Debbie Tully (Extension 411)

Executive Officers:

  • President: Tammy Marcus
  • Senior Vice President: Anatrisha Jackson
  • Vice President: Carl Gundrum
  • Secretary-Treasurer: Neilly Martin

Regional Vice Presidents:

  • Region One Vice President: Crystal Summerlin
  • Region Two Vice President: Christopher Howell
  • Region Three Vice President: Aaron Rivas
  • Region Four Vice President: Sherri Cole

Next term begins
June 1, 2023