FLORIDA PBA LEGISLATIVE ALERT! – Florida PBA is Supporting a Package of Unprecedented Legislation

As Florida’s Legislative Session Begins to Heat Up, the Florida PBA is Supporting a Package of Unprecedented Legislation That Will Bolster the Rights of PBA Members and Enhance Their Benefits!

With the new legislative session set to begin on March 7th, Florida PBA President John Kazanjian said, “After months of strategic planning and meetings with key committee members and legislative leaders, I’m very pleased to report that the PBA is in a very strong position for this upcoming legislative session with half a dozen pieces of legislation that will soon be introduced, which will strengthen our rights and enhance our benefits. In the weeks ahead, the PBA leadership team will be making our presence felt in the halls of the Capitol. We will work around the clock to deliver significant legislation that is critical to our members and their families.”

Highlighted Below is a Summary of Our Legislative Agenda:

FRS age and years of service rollback
HB 239 by Representative Demi Busatta Cabrera
SB 224 by Senator Ed Hooper

This legislation rolls back the age and years of service normal retirement requirement for Tier 2 employees (hired after July 1, 2011) to age 55 after vesting or 25 years of continuous special risk service.

Law Enforcement Officers Bill of Rights remedy for violations
HB 927 by Representative Danny Alvarez
SB 1086 by Senator Joe Gruters

This legislation will strengthen appeals for officers and sanctions against violators when an agency violates the LEO Bill of Rights.

Extending the DROP for Correctional Officers
HB 613 by Representative Alina Garcia
SB 1034 by Senator Ana Maria Rodriguez

This legislation will extend the DROP an additional 36 months for COs. PBA will attempt to add CPOs to this legislation.

Constitutional Carry
HB 543 by Representative Chuck Brannan
SB 150 by Senator Jay Collins

This legislation will allow concealed carry of weapons without a permit for legal gun owners.

Counseling for First Responders
HB 169 by Representative Vicki Lopez
SB 314 by Senator Ana Maria Rodriguez

This legislation will require state and local agency to provide licensed counseling for a first responders and the agency must pay for first 12 hours.

911 Dispatchers included as First Responders
HB 291 by Representative Jeff Holcomb
SB 436 by Senator Ana Maria Rodriguez

This legislation will include 911 Emergency Dispatchers into the definition of “First Responder” in the Workers’ Compensation section of law. PBA is also attempting to include the CPOs