Security Services Unit (SSU) Bargaining Unit

SSU Contract was overwhelmingly ratified on August 30, 2021

Notice of Ratification Election

Security Services Bargaining Unit Contract

Contract Ratification Flyer

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An agreement has been reached with the FDC concerning the collective bargaining agreement. Your rights concerning fighting unfair discipline/termination, grievance procedures, safety issues, promotional rights, and layoff protection has been preserved in this contract. Several new rights and benefits have been added to the agreement along with memorandums of understating/Settlement that have added rights and benefits. With your approval, you will have among the strongest labor agreement/contracts of any State group.

  • Removes illegal wavier of rights concerning shifts hours as well as references to section 110.219, Pilot Programs, and General Appropriations Act Removed. Allows the PBA to be able to negotiate change in shift hours and requires all further changes in shift hours to be negotiated with the PBA. All current shift hours listed [see Article 23(A)(1)]
  • Seniority is the primary factor in all shift assignments, including administrative shift, and days off unless there is a specialized need or skill (K-9, Lock & Key, etc). Needs of the Agency are no longer the exclusive criteria for the assignment of shifts for all bargaining unit members. Now there will be fair assignments of shifts and days off [see Article 23(A)(2)]
  • Mandatory Overtime (forced) capped at 25 hours every two weeks. To exceed these limits, the Department must first mandate overtime to a different employee that has fewer hours of mandatory overtime during the current 14-day cycle. Requires 7.5 hours between shifts if working 16.5 hours. Extended workday capped at 16.5 hours. Ensures that force overtime is assigned fairly! [see Article 23(A)(4)]
  • Volunteers will be assigned overtime before mandated overtime when possible [see Article23(A)(4)] Probation Officers will be allowed to volunteer.

The following Memorandums of Understanding and Written Agreement will also be locked in with your vote:

  • The agreement that will forgive discipline for over 950 bargaining unit members making them eligible to receive the $ 1000 bonus payment.
  • That allows uniforms to be worn during 2022 legislative session at all PBA events for pay raises for all bargaining unit members.
  • Working Scheduled Day Off policy will not be implemented at 8.5-hour institutions.

You need to “Lock-Up” these benefits by voting “For Agreement.”